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Gaabor Juicer

The Gaabor branded portable juicer is simple to operate and easy to use. Wireless juice squeezing; it is easy to clean, the blade can be disassembled, and it is clean after a rinse; it is small in size and does not take up space for carrying and storage. With powerful inner core for long battery life; the cups of the portable juicer bottle are light, which can be easily carried around and is beautiful and practical. In addition, the portable juicer price is very attractive. Contact us for more details!

  • Juice Maker Portable Function
    Juice Maker Portable Function

    Blender Portable Juicer Function

    If you want to drink fruit juice, milkshake, vegetable juice in a small portable juicer cup, just go and buy portable juicer! So easy! When the bottle juicer blender is fully charged, it can be carried wirelessly, and it can be used unplugged for business trips, fitness or picnics.

    Use powerful juice extraction skills to quickly crush food and leverage your juice extraction ability! The juice made is not worse than the one bought outside! The portable juice blender capacity is just enough for one person to drink, and it will not take up much space in the bag. You can take the juice maker portable wherever you go!

  • How to Use Portable Electric Juice Cup
    How to Use Portable Electric Juice Cup

    How to Use Portable Juice Blender

    1. Align the middle frame with the host vertically, put it down, and assemble it in place. Align the bottom of the juice extraction net with the motor wheel and press it down. Use both hands evenly to confirm that the press is in place. Rotate a few times to see if there is any scratching in the rack. Install the top cover and fasten the safety buckle.

    2. Peel and core the vegetables and fruits, wash and set aside. If the size is larger than the filling opening, please cut it into small pieces. Place the juice blender bottle at the juice outlet.

    3. Turn on the portable juicer bottle blender, put the fruit/vegetable into the juicer, press it down with the push rod, and you can squeeze fresh and delicious juice. After squeezing out the juice, pour out the pomace and prepare for washing.

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