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  • GHCL-N5A2 GHCL-N5A2 1. Comb teeth can be adjusted in 10 gears; 2. The speed can be adjusted in 2 gears; 3. Wireless mobile hair clipper, convenient to carry;
  • GHC-N35A GHC-N35A 1. Optimum hair styling temperature of 200 ℃ for persistent styling; 2. PTC rapid heating; 3. Heater sprayed with ceramic glaze, to protect the hair quality and reduce damage; 4. Heater of 25mm, to c...
  • GH-MI3 GH-MI3 Boiling and frying at the same time, to meet different cooking needs1300W high power, delicious food right away1,7L gold capacity hot pot, suitable for 2-3 peopleOne knob to turn on immediately and co...
  • GK-S23P GK-S23P ① Micro-computer control, easy and labor-saving; ② 3L large capacity, suitable for 3-4 people; ③ 24-hour appointment, delicious food on time; ④ 6 function menu, you can be a chef in a seco+K7d;
  • GT-M12A GT-M12A ①M-shaped heat pipe for more even heating.②Dual control knob for free control;③12L golden capacity, saving space;④Transparent tempered glass to allow you see the interior during the cooking cycle;
  • GHC-N55A GHC-N55A 1. Light weighted design for convenience2. PTC fast heating in a few secs3. Heating settings including4. Automatically shutdown if no operation for 30mins
  • VCL10E-BK01A VCL10E-BK01A 1. 10000Pa suction power, pick up every dust2. 2200mAh battery cells inside, 40 minutes running time3. Cordless versatile machine4. High performance on separation & filtration
  • GFT-N420D GFT-N420D 1. New experience of calculating natural wind2. 5 blades strong wind fan3. Low noise and light sound without disturbing sleep
  • VCL20E-BK01A VCL20E-BK01A 1. 20000Pa suction power cordless vacuum makes cleaning easier2. 2200mAh battery cells inside, 40 minutes running time3. A considerate configuration,floor brush with LED lights4. High performance on s...
  • HM-M01A HM-M01A 1. Dual-core synchronous heating, 30 secondsto complete heating40cmsteam distance, 14ml/minsuper air output2.120ml water tank3. Can be used for hanging and flat ironing, dry and wet ironing4. High tem...
  • GE-M03D GE-M03D 1. 2-speed gear easy control2. Copper wire motor long lasting engine3. Sharp blades for vegetable or meat4. Upgraded base for easy operation
  • GR-S25D GR-S25D 1、2L large capacity multi-person available2、400w high power fast cooking3、One-button operation
  • VCW14M-BE01A VCW14M-BE01A 1. 400w strong motor release2. Light weight of 1.2kg3. Washable filter components, environmentally friendly and affordable4. 90°floor brush for individual storage
  • GR-S30 GR-S30 1. 3L house-hold capacity2. one click quick cooking simple life3. ≈3mm thick liner for efficient heat conduction
  • VCW15M-PE01A VCW15M-PE01A 1. High vacuum of 16kPa2. Light weight of 1.4kg3. Dual-purposes with push rod and handheld mode4. Triple filtering